Using Snap Schedule for employee shift scheduling
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  • Scam Alert: Cheap OEM Snap Schedule 2010 Software at Lowest Discount Price $15

    Posted on October 13th, 2010 Administrator No comments

    Beware of websites advertising to sell Snap Schedule software at “discounted OEM” price!

    There is no legitimate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Snap Schedule software so don’t fall victim to email spams and scams with headlines like these:

    • Buy Snap Schedule 2010 3.0 OEM/$29.95/retail:$89.95
    • Cheap Snap Schedule 2010 3.0 OEM At Low Price $29.95
    • Buy Snap Schedule 2010 3.0, buy OEM software Snap Schedule 2010 3.0 online. Discount OEM, softwear (sic) download online.
    • DOWNLOAD Snap Schedule OEM Software! 92% OFF! Buy now! Click Here! cheap software!
    • Cheap Snap Schedule 2010 3.0/$29.95/retail:$89.95

    The fact is Business Management Systems, Inc., makers of the Snap Schedule software product line, has never licensed Snap Schedule for OEM use. Websites claiming to sell OEM Snap Schedule software are selling fake, bootleg (illegal), or hacked versions of the software that can cause program crashes, database corruptions, and expose your computer to viruses, worms, and spyware. People operating these websites are unscrupulous individuals selling illegal software and distributing spams. Don’t get conned into providing them with your credit card details and other personal information. Beware of the enormous risk of having your credit card information stolen and your computer infected with viruses, spyware, or other malicious software.