Using Snap Schedule for employee shift scheduling
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  • Snap Schedule 2008 Employee Scheduling Video Tutorials

    Posted on July 20th, 2008 Administrator No comments

    We made these video tutorials to provide a quick and efficient way for you to get started with Snap Schedule. They range from introductory to more advanced topics.

    We encourage you to download and try Snap Schedule on your own computer. Just play with the software and explore! Point and right click on the display screen and you’ll often discover a context-sensitive menu related to the functions you’re using and the thing you’re pointing at.

    Here are some videos to get you started:

    Watch Tutorial Getting started with Snap Schedule
    2:40 minutes
    The most difficult question to solving any problem is often, “Where do I begin?” With Snap Schedule, we’ve removed the complexity and provided tools to help you quickly and easily get started with your employee scheduling. This video provides an overview of the Getting Started screen in Snap Schedule 2008.
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    Watch Tutorial Creating a new schedule from a plan
    4:39 minutes
    How do you create a work schedule for 40 employees to cover 24/7 operations and still provide some weekends off? Snap Schedule includes a collection of pre-designed schedule plans to help you do just that. This video demonstrates just how easy it is to create a new schedule using one of our pre-designed plans.
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    Watch Tutorial Introducing Snap Schedule’s easy-to-use graphical user interface
    2:38 minutes
    Snap Schedule gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes scheduling, editing information, and analyzing data very simple and straight forward. This video presentation introduces Snap Schedule screen layout and various user interface elements.
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    Watch Tutorial Multi-view schedule planner
    6:29 minutes
    Using a perpetual calendar, Snap Schedule provides different views into the same schedule information. Each view has specific functions and commands to help you effectively create and maintain your employees’ work schedules. This video presentation explains the three schedule views and when & how to use them.
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    Watch Tutorial Creating a new schedule from scratch
    5:20 minutes
    Sometimes the complexity of your scheduling operation prohibits you from using a pre-designed schedule plan. Instead, you need to build a schedule from scratch and enter your own information and schedule your staff in an ad-hoc manner. This video will show you how to get started with Snap Schedule using an empty schedule as your framework.
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    Watch Tutorial Using schedule plans to automatically generate work schedules
    12:29 minutes
    Snap Schedule can generate rotating shift assignments based on user-defined shift patterns and schedule plans. This video explains how it works and shows you how to design and use a schedule plan.
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    Watch Tutorial Working with lists
    5:21 minutes
    Snap Schedule simplifies the way you manage work assignments and employee records. It makes important information like contact information, availability, position, authorized work locations, skills, etc. available at your fingertips. Lists provide an efficient way to view large amount of data and drill-down to make changes. This video presentation shows what you can do with lists.
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    Watch Tutorial Handling employee preferences, vacations, and time off requests
    3:49 minutes
    See how easy it is to keep track of employee availability, work hour preferences, vacations, and time off requests. Snap Schedule alerts you when there are any scheduling conflicts.
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    Watch Tutorial Handling unplanned absences and selecting the best employee for a shift
    3:08 minutes
    This video presentation shows how to select best employees for shifts or rapidly find substitutes in case of unplanned absences. If one of your employees is unexpectedly absent due to sickness or another reason, Snap Schedule can suggest a replacement so that the absence does not have a negative impact.
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    Watch Tutorial Working with Reports
    5:15 minutes
    Snap Schedule provides a comprehensive set of standard reports that you can use to analyze your scheduling data, prepare records for day-to-day management and planning, and track employee activities, work assignments, labor costs, coverage, and time-offs. This video presentation shows what you can do with reports and how to customize them.
    Watch Tutorial

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